After enrolling, each student is given credentials to access our learning platform. We use Canvas LMS. Your credentials will be sent to the email registered in your enrollment form.
Preschoolers and grades 1 and 2 use content from or Spectrum textbooks. Spectrum ebooks can be bought directly from its publisher Carson Dellosa following this link.
From grades 3 to 8, you can choose between using the curriculum or Spectrum Ebooks. Most parents like Spectrum because those ebooks can be downloaded in PDF format and printed. Your tutor will be happy to help you and show you both contents so you can better decide.  Grades 9 to 12 can only use
Each week is presented with content from these sites, assignments, and assessments. All projects can be submitted using Google Drive and pasting the link to your work document inside Canvas LMS.

Tutoring services are available Monday to Friday between 02:00 and 08:00 p.m. Guatemalan hours. All requests for any tutoring or administrative issue must be sent using our Student Services platform.  

4 Units = 32 Weeks

The school year is divided into four units; each unit is divided into eight weeks, making 32 weeks for the entire year.  Classes start in the first week of February and finish in the last week of September. Some students can complete earlier but can not send any assignments after September 30th due to regulations by the Guatemalan Ministry of Education.

After each unit, there is an assessment week. One subject that needs to be taken in Spanish is “The Mayan Language,” High School students need to do the “Diagnostic Assessment,”  (MAPGrowth) which is mandatory for all graduate students.

Once a week, and for each grade, teachers will have a videoconference; it is not mandatory to attend but beneficial; it allows students to submit questions about the content from each step. The videoconference is uploaded to Vimeo so students who did not attend can watch it later.


Open Curriculum, Open Minds

Each parent is also the first tutor for students enrolled in Preschool, Kinder, or grades 1 to 5. Parents can modify content, assignments, and assessments with the teacher’s approval. The student must get at least 70/100 points to pass any subject. Each student has up to 3 opportunities to do any assessment or submit an assignment. All final grades are given by teachers.

If the student needs to work on his or her English, ISEA also offers a free BrainPOP English Course.

Here you have more info in Spanish.  Please, follow the links below:



Four steps to enroll:

  1. First, review our Condiciones de Inscripción. This is a legal document in Spanish.
  2. Make the payment using  Servipagos Convenio 5324 (see example) or by credit or debit card from this link. Here you will have the opportunity to pay in monthly installments using a local credit card.
  3. Scan the following documents in PDF format.
    • Birth certificate
    • Last student transcript (Certificado de estudios)
    • Payment receipt issued by Visanet or Banco Industrial
  4. Fill out the Enrollment Form.  This form is managed by Woodbridge Academy because all ISEA Full English studetns take courses with Woodbridge Academy under the accreditation by WASC. 



To make a payment, you can click the links on each ammount.  Enrollment (Only first time students) Units 1 & 2 Units 3 & 4 Full Year
Kinder – Elementary USD 70.00 USD 360.00
Middle & High School USD 360.00 USD 360.00 USD540.00
          • If you live in Guatemala, you can pay the Full Year Tuition in Quetzales, using the official daily exchange rate,  in 3, 6, or 10 monthly installments with any credit card through Neolink by clicking here.


How to pay?

Follow the links above to pay with a credit card. Remember to change the currency in the corresponding field.

You also can pay by visiting any Banco Industrial branch, asking for a Serbipagos form, and pay with cash or with Banco Industrial Check.

If you are using Serbipagos instead of an account number, use “Convenio 5324,” as shown in the image here. Save your payment receipt or stub to complete the Enrollment Form. 

Dual Diploma Program

All students enrolled at ISEA receive a transcript or diploma issued by the Ministry of Education and another from ISEA International, which bears the seal of Cognia, our accrediting agency.

The ISEA International transcript or diploma is valid in the US and any other country, including Guatemala, by the Hague Convention Apostille, issued by the California Secretary of State.

You can find more info about ISEA International here:

Refund Policy

If you want to withdraw from the enrollment, ISEA will refund 100% of the payment (less banking charges) during the first five business days after the payment is made. We will refund 50% of the price in the first 30 calendar days. After 30 days, there is no refund for any amount. We also do not refund second and third payments when applicable.



Políticas de Privacidad


Curso de Inglés BrainPOP


Sedes locales


Alumnos Internacionales

Need more information? 

Schedule a Zoom call by clicking here or leave your question in the corresponding field and someone will call you back.