About us

About us

Since 2001 we have been leading online education in Central America

ISEA was established in 2001 in Guatemala and has served students of all ages and economic backgrounds for over 20 years. In 2022, after gaining international accreditation from Cognia, a leading accrediting organization in the US, we started our Full English Program to offer the best content available to students in the English language.

Our mission

To provide differentiated learning opportunities by adjusting processes, content, and assessment to the needs of our students. 

Your child deserves every opportunity to succeed

Technological advancements and their impact on the future mean that every child must be prepared for the unknown.  80% of all knowledge on the internet is in English, and even though other powers are arising, English remains our de facto language to communicate with the world.

That is why we must choose the proper education for our children so they will have an advantage in the years ahead. The prohibitive costs of the best bilingual schools leave many good students whose families do not possess enough economic resources without the possibility to advance.

ISEA´s complete English program bridges not only the gap between the present and the future but also the gap between a world-class education and affordability.


Besides being authorized as a private school by the Guatemalan Ministry of Education, our programs are also accredited by Cognia, the leading educational accrediting agency in the US. 

ISEA – International is also registered as a private online school in California, United States.